Paula Lloyd MAR

Proprietor of  the Therapy Centre - As the founder and proprietor of this unique centre, with ten years professional practitioner experience, I hope to share with others my enthusiasm and knowledge, gained through my own search for wellbeing. I am an approved tutor for the Association of Reflexologists and run the ARC Reflexology Professional Training Courses.

My parents discovered Complementary and alternative therapies when I was just a baby due to my fathers extreme eczema and related asthma. After being bedridden for most of his childhood and early adult life he and my mother were advised by a friend to seek alternative help. After radically changing his diet, he was free from his symptoms for the first time, and totally clear of all symptoms within a year! Nutrition and homeopathy and naturopathy played a major roll in our lives from that point on.

My mother began training as a Reflexologist and Aromatherapist in 1983 and set up ARC Reflexology school in 1996. After training I began assisting in teaching the practical and some of the theory for my mothers school from the outset. On opening the Centre we obtained an AOR (Association of Reflexologists) accreditation and held Arc Reflexology training school there also from the outset.

I opened the therapy centre in September 2002 in my fathers memory. He was an active member of CND and was chairman for some time. He had also founded the Bromley peace council, meetings of which are still held quarterly at The Therapy Centre. He organised a very successful festival in the Library Gardens for world peace and a torchlit vigil for John lennon on Martins Hill with the planting of a tree. He was also an avid environmentalist.


Tracy Seed

NLP Therapy, Life Coaching, Mindful Communication, Parent Connect, Reiki.
I offer one to one sessions for individuals and also facilitate groups at the Therapy Centre. Life is not a "dress rehearsal". This is often said to remind us to make the most of each moment of everyday and to choose the way we live, in the present and in the future. This is not always easy to achieve. Sometimes, we feel so overwhelmed and stuck, we tell ourselves the same stories and we repeat the same patterns, often it seems that we are just going round and round in circles. If you are ready for change and would like to work with me in a coaching relationship, to receive healing from past hurts, or would like to join our parent group to explore how family life might be more enriching for you and your children,

contact me via the Therapy Centre or on: 07795 632878


Yinny Wan Yoga Teacher

Astanga Vinyasa Yoga

As someone uninspired by competitive sports, I came to yoga as a means of attaining some gentle physical activity and timeout from a stressful job and a difficult cross roads in my life. Stepping into my first Iyengar class 6 years ago, I began my journey into a practise which takes me to a place of calm and wellbeing.



John Chatterton

London School of Massge JohnAfter studying and practicing different styles of yoga for many years I was ultimately inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli. This remarkable lady interpreted the teachings of TKV Desikachar and BKS Iyengar and evolved her unique approach through their personal tuition. My teaching style emphasises the use of body mechanics and a mindful practice of self awareness, bringing about a balance between strength and flexibility.



Isabela Massage Therapist

London School of Massge Isabela

Specialising in a variety of relaxation and stress relief therapies including Hot Semi Precious Stone Massage, Bamboo, Deep Tissue, Thai, Reiki and Ayurvedic Face-Lift Massage.

I have immersed myself in the practice of massage, my main interest is the well-being of my clients. I believe that massage is an interactive and intuitive practice, and the integration of Lomi Lomi, a traditional Hawaiian massage into my repertoire reflects my principle view of the intimate connection between mind, body and spirit. For me, massage is a holistic practice that influences every aspect of my life.   07766513602


Emma Healer, Therapist & Tutor

London School of Massge Emma

Welcome to EMANATE. I offer healing services in the form of Energy Field Healing. Energy Field Healing is focused on cleansing, clearing transforming and healing the blockages within the Energy Field, for restoration and to activate its natural balance and flow. When your energy is flowing at its optimum you will be at your best physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in essence you will be stronger, more whole and congruent with healthier relationships - which will help you to attract and manifest greater potential for your life.  07702 024 228

Yvonne Therapist

I qualified as a Health, Fitness and Sports Therapist over 16 years ago when I was still living in Wales and have enjoyed developing and honing my skills in hands on body work every since. This lead me to carry out a foundation on Shiatsu before moving on to study Tui Na Massage. This piqued my interest and passion to delve deeper into the world of Chinese Medicine. I went on to study acupuncture, the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach and qualified in 2010.  07813 270207

Sueli Hypnobirthing

Harmony Hypnobirthing follows the well known KG Hypnobirthing techniques and is specially designed for mothers in the UK. The course is constantly evolving to keep up-to-date with the latest evidence and research.  KG Hypnobirthing programme not only equips you with the hypnobirthing information, but uniquely gives you the knowledge to understand your options and the implications of the choices you make. As well as teaching you the techniques you need for successful hypnobirth, it gives you the information to navigate the system in which you find yourself to achieve the best outcome for you and your baby.   07423 622 655


Nikki Dore Medium, Astrologer, Coach, and Tarot reader

Providing holistic business planning (including building social media strategies) and support. Spiritual and mediumship development and mentoring for students looking to make the leap to guide. Giving private readings on relationships and your future to uncover the paths open to you. . if you are looking for practical guidance to transform your life or business holistically, contact me so we can uncover the paths open to you   +44 (0)7975813782


Jo Adam Homeopath & Reflexologist including pre & post natal with nursing background


Manolo Therapist & Tutor


Nicola Russell

NVQ and VRQ Level 2,3 &4 Beauty, Massage, Assessor Awards, Internal Verifier Awards, Practitioner and Tutor


Raluca Costache

Graduate with the School Specialising in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage


Samantha Evans

NVQ Level 2 & 3 Beauty Treatments







Massage and Complementary Therapy Pricelist


Treatments   Student Therapist Newly Qualified Therapist Experienced
Body Massage A full body massage tailored to your needs by one of our complementary therapists 20/1hour 35/1hour On request
Reflexology Stimulating the internal organs via the reflex points on the feet to balance all systems of the body 20/1hour 35/1hour On request
Aromatherapy Massage A full body massage using pre-blended aromatherapy oils to create your desired effect 20/1hour 35/1hour On request
Stone Therapy massage A full body massage combining hot stones, cold stones and crystals to suit your needs 20/1hour 35/1hour On request
Sports Massage A deep tissue massage to help you maintain peak performance 20/1hour 35/1hour On request
Indian Head Massage Performed in a chair and fully clothed this massage includes the upper back, neck, shoulders, upper arms, scalp, hair and face 20/1hour 35/1hour On request
Reiki An energetic healing modality 20/1hour 35/1hour On request
Other Treatments Prices upon request Enquire Enquire Enquire


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